Saturday, 2 May 2009

Boats for the River Oudear

I needed a few boats for my river marines to patrol in and also to represent small trading craft or smugglers. The 'shipyard' has been busy today; I had bought 3 Playmobil boat sets (item 4295) and I had small Playmobil rowing boat I got at a car boot. I stripped off the fittings and sanded down the rough edges to give four basic hulls.

I worked out the required height of the decks and cut them from cardboard and trial fitted them. Then I made up the masts; these were made from some cheap plastic paintbrushes with 'spars' ready for sails made from various spare bits from some viking longship plastic boat kits. The masts were then fitted to the decks and the decks to the hulls, and also added rudders. Here they are:

Next job is to paint them, then add some swivel guns. I've also got 4 boat 'captains' to paint to represent civilian crew. The river marines are now on my painting desk ready for undercoating.
I also need to make some wider river sections for my gaming table, with also some way of having maybe a small lakelet as well - some interesting scenery projects for me !


  1. Cool. I want to do some boats and terrain for them one of these days (to get some waterbourne use out of my horse marines!) so it's interesting to see what you're doing in this regard.

  2. Already pleasant and quite promising.
    Small scale amphibious / riverine warfare is full of potential!

  3. A nice little fleet you have there, Captain.

    -- Jeff

  4. As a old navy man, you can never have too many boats!