Friday, 29 May 2009

Fort Leopold - at Vanderhof

Concerned by the buildup of Wittenberg forces in and around Vanderhof on the river Oudear, a Saxe-Jarlsberg officer and a Monrovian liason officer are looking at what has appeared on the other side of the river a few hundred yards up-stream from Vanderhof.

A palisaded fort has been built to hold troops rather than billet them in Vanderhof ..

Inside Fort Leopold a company of garrison troops are on sentry duty; a pile of supplies has already arrived. They are looking after the fort till their occupants arrive.

Wittenberg engineers have started work constructing something on the bank of the river Oudear...

[palisaded fort made from cardboard and foamboard, the palisades were made using printed papers stuck to each side of a piece of cardboard - then the top of the cardboard was 'nibbled' out to get the stake points, you can get some idea of how the palisade sections were done at]


  1. Looks like a real build up across the river...and a gathering of trouble!

    That fort is REALLY great! Always enjoy your cool structures.

  2. As always, your set-ups look great . . . and I await developments with anticipation.

    -- Jeff

  3. Lots of cool stuff here! I like the officer with his foot on a barrel. The fort looks excellent! (If I hadn't seen your how-to I'm not sure I would've guessed what it's made of)
    And the pictures look great as always with all the little details (yet still fairlsimple and uncluttered).

  4. Yes, agree with all that has been said above. :-)

    Excellent stuff...


  5. The scenes you set are an inspiration to all. Thanks!!!

  6. very nice work indeed!
    I'd been wondering about getting some boats, as Frankfurter is a riverine polity after all ...

  7. Is the palisade to keep civilians out or to keep the soldiers inside?
    /andygamer ;^)

  8. I think the local commander wants to try and keep the soldiers under control in the fort and protect the civilians from unwanted molestations !

    -- Allan