Sunday 24 September 2023

Lower Rutenia - Campaign Movements (3)...

Movements on the map ...

Wittenberg (invading Lower Rutenia) GREEN

  • After the Battle of Mintano, the Wittenberg forces had withdrawn during the night and made their was to Chondak.
  • The Rutenian light horse and Hofler's pandours left the town of Fardok and joined the rest of the army at Chondak.
  • The army then marched towards Minsonda where they would cross the river to home territory.
  • It would take time to get the army across the river; they would have to be prepared to fight a delaying action against the Begovians who were try to catch up with them.

Begovia (defending Lower Rutenia). RED

  • The Begovians took back control of Skantanz and Fardok, stationing a small garrison in each.
  • After they realised the Wittenberg forces had withdrawn, they broke camp and set off in pursuit, reaching Chondak. Where an advance party of light horse skirmished with the Wittenberg rearguard cavalry.
  • The main body of the army reached Chondak and then moved on towards Minsonda.

So have a rearguard/delaying game scenario to play out at Minsonda as Wittenberg forces cross the river ...

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