Thursday 7 September 2023

Lower Rutenia - Campaign Movements (2)...

 The Begovian are gathering their forces and are on the march eastwards ....

The current situation, with regard to the campaign map...

Begovia (defending Lower Rutenia). RED

  • Osram Pasha has been gathering his forces as he marched to intercept the Wittenberg army.  Troops had been taken from the garrisons of Nanankz and Hardoli and they were now moving down the road towards Skantanz.  Word was sent to the garrison commander at Pavenik to send troops to meet him at Skantanz.
  • Remnants of the garrison from Skantanz had retreated towards Pavenik.
  • The small garrison at Fardok had retreated towards Blondakz.

Wittenberg (invading Lower Rutenia) GREEN

  • Count Boritzy's column had fought their way through Silanok. After marching another 10miles east they met up with General Waldebeck's column at the small hamlet of Mintano.
  • At Mintano they set up a fortified camp.
  • A unit of Rutenian light horse were sent to Skantanz to watch the approach roads.
  • The second unit of Rutenian light horse and Hofler's pandours were sent to hold the town of Fardok.


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

There is going to be trouble , looking forward to the action .

Archduke Piccolo said...

What a fine and colourful campaign!