Thursday, 4 October 2018

Fenwick Army get some new shiny recruits .....

I've been busy casting my own 28mm infantry and cavalry. New units have been created for the Duchy of Fenwick army.  I've used my castings for rank and file, with spare figures and some new figures from Eagle Miniatures for officers.

Four new units prepped and ready to paint. A guards battalion ....
 and a converged grenadier battalion...
New regiment of horse grenadiers (using some Jacdaw grenadier heads I had put by)....
 and lastly a regiment of Curassiers (they have their coats on, I will paint in a blackened cuirass instead of a waistcoat).
Some units for the Fenwick army have also been re-furbished. I used my home-cast horses as re-mounts for the existing dragoon regiment.(Irregular Miniatures riders)....
The existing artillery crew have been replaced with some from Eagle Miniatures ..
the new units will bring the Fenwick army up to a size to be able to fight the Monrovians on their own. Lots to paint 😁


  1. Fenwick has some splendid reinforcements indeed. I particularly like the dragoon’s.

  2. Excellent!
    "Lots to paint 😁" - my thoughts exactly! (me, too)

  3. I love it. I can idle away hours doing exactly this - setting up new battalions and cavalry regiments and admiring them, and then tinkering with them again and again. I look forward to seeing them painted up.