Sunday, 23 September 2018

The Begovian army marches closer .....

The main body of Begovian army continues their march towards the Wittenberg province of Zinzendorf. They are currently crossing a river ....
Osram Pasha watches the army marching past....
Someone else watches the army marching past, a forward scout from the Wittenberg army
he makes notes on numbers of units and men, then works his way back through the forest and onwards as fast as he can to make his report....


  1. Great stuff as usual! Would the scout have seen only the advance guard or the entire army? Are there guns with the begovians? Supply wagons? If there are guns are they field pieces or the huge siege weapons for which the Begovians are well known?

  2. The look menacing crossing the bridges, I do hope this will end well!

  3. Looking forward to further news.

  4. Yikes... let's hope Wittenberg are ready in time.

  5. Excellent stuff...lets hope the Wittenberg scout makes it back with his report. I wonder if the Begovian's have light cavalry carrying out reconnaissance ahead of the main army...

  6. Lovely figures - Ottoman armies always look so impressive en masse!