Sunday 15 March 2015

Rendezvous ...

continued from the previous post .....

Two days march later, Count Pottensdorf greets the Comte de Chazelles and the men from Noverre ...
 The two marching columns combine ....


 However the movements of the Saxe-Jarlsberg forces had not gone un-noticed. Count Boritzy had been maintaining a small screen of scouts about 2 days ride from Hofheim, one of them had ridden in late one afternoon to tell him of the enemy forces heading in their direction ....
Count Boritzy ordered Hofler's pandours to Sondheim (about half a mile west of Hofheim) and sent a despatch to General Waldebeck informing him of the situation.  Count Boritzy's plan was to hold the enemy at Hofheim and if necessary fall back east to Toppenhof to join with General Waldebecks regular army troops when they arrived.


  1. Another gorgeous set-up and promising narrative.

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  2. Superb Display - very colourful with an excellent Story. Never tire of Your efforts as it is always magnificently done. Regards. KEV.

  3. 'Interesting times' ahead!
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