Tuesday, 14 April 2015

At Sondheim ....

continued from the previous post .....

Hofler's pandours had been ordered to take position at Sondheim and delay the enemy for as long as possible. The regiment reached Sondheim late in the day and set about organising a barricade across the road; he placed his men along the hedges in front of the village. The pandours stood to the next morning after a restless night .......
A detachment of jagers arrived later in the morning which he split up and placed forward on each flank. Now it was just a matter of waiting - it would not be long - in the distance the head of the Saxe-Jarlsberg vanguard was just visible .....


  1. A splendid skirmish awaits I hope...

  2. We await the action with interest ! , Tony

  3. Having occasionally visited your blog, decided to start from the beginning and over several evenings worked my way to your latest entries. This is not only an entertaining blog but it also serves to get me to paint up lead figures. I am also looking at ideas to add more of the Georgian age to MY wargaming table because of your scenarios. Thought you might like to know!

    1. glad you enjoyed reading through the blog; will look in on your blog to see how the georgian age content develops

      -- Allan

    2. Allan, you are most welcome. As I inferred, this and your Indies blog are a morale boost for painting figures, and creating scenarios and settings.