Sunday 1 March 2015

Arrival at Hofheim ...

continued from the previous post ...

Hofler and his pandour regiment, after a couple of days march have reached the outskirts of Hofheim...
 Count Boritzy hearing of their arrival, rides down to meet them..
Count Boritzy instructs Hofler where to quarter his regiment and asks him to dine with him that evening.


 Meanwhile the Saxe-Jarlsberg army is on the move, heading north-west towards Hofheim. Hussars and jagers at the front of the column ...
 Count Pottensdorf with his staff near the head of the column ...
 The rest of the column ...
they have a few days march to go before they reach Hofheim ....


  1. Great looking army on the march and I particularly like the Pandours.


  2. Wonderful display...they look very impressive en masse.

  3. An army is always in high spirits while advancing. look forward to the first contact...Bill

  4. Absolutely the do## b#####ks, well done.

  5. 'Interesting times' ahead!
    Old School 'eye candy' at its best.