Friday 31 October 2014

The awakening ......

continued from the previous post...

The next evening at the Palace the All Hallows Eve events were in full swing. Outside it was a crisp clear evening, and the constellation of Orion was rising .....
 In the store room next to the museum the mummy stirred and rose from it resting place in the sarcophagus
The mummy wandered into the store room by the kitchen, frightening a scullery maid who ran away screaming  ...
There is much panic and consternation in the palace as the mummy blunders around; visitors and members of the court are ushered into the ball room for safety (one poor chap has fainted). The palace guards move to try and confine the mummy to the main hall.
Two monks from the abbey of Alt-Wittenberg, who by good fortune were visiting the palace that evening, confront the mummy in the main hall of the palace - chanting prayers in harmonic unison...
 The King and Count Herman watch anxiously from the balcony of the hall ...
 The monks chanting works and the mummy lays down, folds his arms and ceases moving ....
Afterwards ensuring the mummy is inert, it is sealed in its sarcophagus and given over to the safekeeping of the monks who take it away to the their abbey.


  1. See, that's what happens when you mess with the dead. They come back looking for you!

    Great triptich of stories at this Halloween season.


  2. Triptych or treat? Nice little story, well illustrated!
    Some of my favorite mummies re in the French movie "The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec" (there's also a revived pterodactyl and other fun stuff, and the title heroine is pleasant to watch).

  3. Well up to the usual tidder standard- and I love the palace interiors

  4. Can I come out from behind the sofa now?

  5. Excellent! I can just see Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in the cinematic version by Hammer Films, ca. 1960.

    Best Regards,