Saturday, 25 October 2014

special meeting of the Royal Society

Brother James hurried along the path in front of the palace, he was late for a meeting of the Royal Society...
 Brother James made his way through the palace to the museum in the undercroft, there he joined the rest of the Royal Society who where looking at an egyptian mummy ..
 von Schenke presented his translation of the hieroglyphics, stating it was the remains of a King Rubbatiti. Cantor proposed they try an experiment to see what effect his newly discovered electric fluid would have on the mummy - maybe even bring it back to life. The others scoffed at the idea - but were keen to see what would happen. The meeting concluded and Cantor returned to his laboratory to prepare the necessary equipment.


  1. Interestingly Tradgardland has a Ducal Society ,I really ought to post about them again soon...
    p.s great modelling /figures as ever

  2. Oooh they will be sorry if they do that !!!!! , Tony

  3. Will a certain Dr.Watt be present? and if so will they carry on screaming?

  4. Whimsical as ever Tidders- nice !!