Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Wittebberg - Leib-Grenadier Garde on parade

The Leib-Grenadier Garde show off their new uniforms in an impromptu parade for the King and some of the court, in the parkland to the front of the palace.

The guards march in led by the drummers and fifers of the guard band....

 The guards form up into line ...

 The King and the Field Marshal make a closer inspection .....
[ new guards battalion: mounted officer from Jacdaw range and the Guards are Staddens from Tradition of London]


  1. Yes indeed! A very handsome unit. And I just love all of the 18th century civialians/royalty you've amassed during the last several years. They really add to the "feel" of your set-up.
    Best Regards,


  2. Alan,
    I've painted this unit twice; SYW and Napoleonics.
    Where did you get the flags?
    Cheers, Bravos and standing ovations,
    Bill P.
    If only the regiment could be in Pettygree's Army--somehow.

    1. I print all my flags on my inkjet printer.

      For Wittenberg I have have some base image files which I can edit to colour as require; otherwise I download available image files off the internet and adjust as necessary before printing.

      For the Leib-Garde flags the 'fringes' were done with gold paint and black ink pen.

      -- Allan

  3. A splendid review indeed.I like the massed drummers.

  4. A wonderful regiment - looks very impressive!! I like the musicians in particular - with their typical blue and yellow livrées!!

  5. They look great, Allan. Elegant troops and the appreciative audience set them off nicely.