Sunday, 11 August 2013

40mm: out and about....

finished painting my 40mm dismounted staff and a couple of new figures - cardinal and jester (from Westair Reproductions - these figs you can get at English Heritage and National Trust gift shops - the ranges vary in size - some are just about 40mm.)

Down in Saxe Jarslberg, Count Pottsendorf and his aide are in discussion with the Cardinal-bishop.
while the officer from Noverre and some of the locals are entertained by the Cardinal-bishop's jester...
Up north in Wittenberg, at Vanderhof, General Waldebeck and Count Boritzy set out for a brisk walk before they get down to the business of the day ....


  1. Great to source figures from gift shops. Do you carry a sample figure with you to compare heights?

    1. If I see something of possible use, I give a quit size check with the top part of my thumb (which is about 40mm).

  2. A, indeed, high ordonance you painted here, tidders - wonderful! You have a wonderful eye for ceremonical displays.