Sunday 4 November 2012

The Irregulars Assemble...

Count Hermann meets with Mlle de Givenchy....
Count: Is your little band of irregulars ready ?
Mlle de Givenchy: Yes, they await orders impatiently
Count: Well I have a job for them .....
Mlle de Givenchy drops in to the 'Die Kurfürsten Inn' in downtown Wittenberg on her way home ....
Mlle de Givenchy: Pass the word to the girls to assemble
behind my mansion early tommorrow ..

Meanwhile the Count passes instructions to the 'Grey Rider'....
Count: Do you understand the orders ?
Grey Rider: Yes count, I'll make the necessary preparations
Count: Give Captain Scharfe my regards ...
Early the next morning in the courtyard to the rear of  Mlle de Givenchy's mansion the irregulars assemble ....


The Irregulars,

Mademoiselle Georgina de Givenchy (centre) and her two cousins Justine and Mimi,

The rest of the Irregulars,  ladies of adventure from many backgrounds .... 
Figures: Madame Givenchy - Irregular Miniatures (PS21); her two cousins - Brigade Games female pirates; the rest Black Scorpion female pirates.


  1. Love these figures, good choice and perfect painting!
    Must be fun having these on your gametable!

  2. I agree. A likely bunch of lasses. And I am intrigued as to what they are up to.

  3. They look as dreadful as cute - a deadly combination!

  4. In the first "rest of the irregulars" photo, the lasses look like they are wearing gigantic shakos (the windows behind them).

    But overall they look great, sir.

    -- Jeff

  5. Well, hello there ladies...

  6. Ausgezeichnet mein Herr!
    Excellent Sir!

  7. Mlle Givenchy should be brought to justice as being in possession of weapons of mass distraction.