Saturday, 17 November 2012

New Hedging all done

Happy with the new hedging concept (see previous post) - I spent a couple of sessions making up all the hedging I could, had to buy some extra foliage clumps as I ran out, last thing to do was to have a couple of sections with gates. I made up the gates with some model railroad lineside fencing and plastic strip; then the gates were stuck on and painted.
All the hedging sections done and laid out on the gaming table, enough for now !
A shot of one of the completed gate sections ....


  1. Love it! Your hedge sections look fantastic. I'll have a try at something similar myself before too long. Thanks for sharing your concepts here.

    Best Regards,


  2. Very nice! Using the half-round molding for the bases was a great idea!

  3. Splendid! Look very impressive - although in some ways perhaps some of them tend to look a little more like unmanaged hedges of today rather than laid hedges of yesteryear. ;-)