Sunday 15 July 2012

Wittenberg troops leave Vanderhof

As the troops spill out of Vanderhof, Colonel Waldeback and staff ride forward to organise the column of march..

[Figs: from my 40mm collection, mostly home casts from Creartec moulds, with some Front Rank and Irregular Miniatures]


Springinsfeld said...

Excellent looking troops. Particularly like the bandsmen.

justMike said...

Yep, I'm with Mike regarding the bandsmen. What a great looking little group. Well done Tidders. You've managed to raise the envy of His Majesty de St. Maurice to whole new levels. Well done. - Mike

MurdocK said...

Excellent looking home casts!

tidders2 said...

The Bandsmen are modified Peipp Miniaturen (legs shortened - doesn't show due to long coats).

-- Allan

PaintPig said...

Time to meet Pottsedorf head on?