Saturday 14 July 2012

Trouble on the South-West Frontier

Saxe-Jarlsberg hussars cross the border into the Hofland at Karlebach, the rest of the army is not far behind

Their movements have not gone un-noticed, at General Waldebeck's headquarters in Vanderhof .....
Urgent despatch for General Waldebeck

General Waldebeck: Well gentlemen the Saxe-Jarlsberg forces have crossed
the border; assemble the army - we march tommorrow morning.


  1. It's always a pleasure visiting your site. I have to ask; who makes the figures that are your dispatcheers and general staff? As always well done. - Mike

  2. I like the "story board" photos. Very nice, sir.

    -- Jeff

    PS, why not get rid of the frustrating "verification" that we are not robots? I've never had any verification on any of my blogs and have had almost no spam over the years.

  3. justMike: dispatchers and three of the staff are from Minden Minatures (; seated figure & table from Old Glory AWI continental command pack AWI-47; I think the standing hussar in cloak is from Tradition - FP3 von Zieten (purchased from Spencer Smith Miniatures).

    Jeff: I'll look at turning of the verification - I find it most annoying recently as it seems to have become more difficult to decipher

    -- Allan

  4. Always a pleasure to see your pictorial posts! There's a feeling of characters and of life and things happening.

  5. lovely stuff...those hussars are looking for trouble!