Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Some additional hills for the gaming table

For some time I've been pondering the best way to make some useful hills that will match my gaming table. After finishing recent DIY jobs I had some leftover bits of shelving - these got me thinking - I was sure they could be recycled into some simple hill sections. So having cleared the gaming table I placed and marked up the shelving offcuts, going for a 6 inch wide 'join' between pieces ..
After some cutting out with a jigsaw I tried out the layout with the main pieces I planned to have ...
After that I tried out some alternate layouts with some other pieces I had cut - enough variation for the moment
So next step was to paint the edges of all the pieces, I just managed to find a shade of green that was close to the fabric I had covered the gaming table with
The tricky bit, covering the hills sections - I did one side only; I marked out by drawing round them on the back of the fabric and then carefully cut out shape with sharp scissors - sticking it on carefully with PVA glue. Hills completed and layed out on the table - nice looking valley ready to be fought over ...


  1. Very nice, sir. I think that they will work quite well.

    -- Jeff

  2. Nice work! They look pretty versatile in terms of different layouts.

  3. There's nothing quite like a valley - as I'm sure Lord Cardigan would agree. Looking forward to seeing what scenarios you dream up to make use of the hills!

  4. That works very well indeed. I like the green, too: bright enough, and will bring out the colours of the troops. Very nice...

  5. Very impressive. Has the air of one of Lancelot Browns valleys (like the Grecian Valley at Stowe). Looking forward to seeing it filled with figures.

  6. Still think your approach to gaming on a small table is tops!