Saturday, 21 April 2012

40mm: Engineers on field Manouvers - bridging

As part of the preparation for the coming campaign season General Waldebeck has initiated some field manouvers in the Hofland which will involve the crossing of a river, the engineers are sent ahead with the pontoon train....
The engineers have arrived at the river and while the finishing touches are put to the ramp on one side, men are ferried across the river on a requisitioned barge to make the ramp on the other side...
The ramps on both sides are done and the bridge part completed, the final section is being moved into position ....
General Waldebeck and Count Boritzy arrive to check on the progress of the building of the pontoon bridge ...
A tree on the far side of the river is in the way of the line of march, so the engineers prepare to cut it down ...
The pontoon bridge is completed, the barge is about to be moved back to the other side of the river ....
The Boritzy freikorps chasseurs cross the bridge watched by General Waldebeck and Count Boritzy ...

The following section has been updated to add extra detail on source of figures with codes where available - 26/4/12

1. Pontoon wagon, pontoons, ramps and bridge deck are from Reiver Castings; they are for 28mm but are a good size and don't look out of place with the 40mm figures.
2. Horses pulling the pontoon wagon are cast from the 'Driver on Horse' N├╝rnberger Meisterzinn mould (1006)
3. Barge - is scratch built from cardboard, painted brown and given a black wash for weathering; the bollards on the barge are board pins.
4. River is acryclic sheet, cut into sections and sprayed with appropriate paint on one side.
5. The pack pony shown is made up from a toy plastic horse (provenance unknown) and oddments with its attendant cast from the Creartec artillery crew mold (40 821)
6. The two wheel cart is from a toy set (no longer available), with an attendant converted from a spare ECW figure.
7. Engineer Officer on foot, carrying hat in hand - Front Rank AWI Hessian officer (40A133)
8. Engineers - the bulk of these are made up from castings made from the Creartec artillery crew mold (40 821) with Front rank AWI Hessian fusilier heads. In addition to thes there are a two converted Irregular Miniatures figures - Engineer with open hands (LWSY47) and Prussian Infantry Advancing (LWSY5).
9. Mounted officers
- General in white coat and yellow sash is a from Drabant (DM1030)
- Aide in white coat and red facings is cast from Creartec Fieldmarshall von Keith mould (40 802)
- In hussar uniform - Irregular Minautures hussar (LWSY28) on a horse cast from Creartec Hussar mold. (40 807)
10. Boritzy chasseurs (crossing the bridge) are Irregular Minautures freicorps (LWSY29, LWSY30, LWSY31), with mounted officer made up from Irregular Minautures hussar (LWSY28) on a horse cast from Creartec Fieldmarshall von Keith mold.


  1. Outstanding.Your figures and table look great!

  2. Lovely looking toys!

    What material do you use for the river?


  3. Splendid! (although the reflection of the curtains in the river is a bit strange and rather Lewis Carroll!)



  4. Very nicely done vignette! You encourage all of us to aim higher with our hobby!


  5. The river sections are cut from clear acrylic sheet which is rather awkward to cut; it's rather reflective - so strange curtain effects are sometimes revealed :)

    New curtains are needed in the gaming room - a chance to get something neutral rather than patterned (SWMBO permit required) and avoid those awkward reflections.

    -- Allan

  6. :-) Something in plain blue perhaps!



  7. Brilliant work! I've used you method for water and it works nicely...except as you note, my overhead lights are pretty ugly reflected in the surface.

  8. Beautiful!

    How about a little commentary on the sources of the miniatures? Meisterzinn draft horses on the pontoon wagon, for example?

  9. Rob,

    I've updated the post to add some more details on figures used etc

    -- Allan