Thursday 29 December 2011

Waiting at the Border - Security Checks ?

A visitor to Wittenberg - see this EvE post


Princess Elisenda and her travelling companions have arrived at the Wittenberg border; their papers and credentials have been examined and they are allowed through. They are unable to proceed until  their additional escort of Wittenberg troops is ready. They have a had a meal in the nearby inn and while they wait are getting a little exercise and some air before being cramped up in the coach again.
The travellers: Antoni Folc de Cardona, Archbishop of Valencia (travelling in a monks garb);
Princess Elisenda; Josep Antoni the Marquis of Rubí; young manservant.

The commander of the princess's personal escort has mounted his horse, their escort of WIttenberg troops is ready; it is time to get back on the coach..
The small convoy led by an escort of Wittenberg Uhlans moves off into the countryside ...

What delights and marvels await the Princess in Wittenberg ?


abdul666 said...

Knightly attentions and a nice sighting!

Soldadets said...

Wow! What a superb setting! The retinue overall appearance is fantastic, with that Uhlans escort... Love your pictures, Allan. Happy at watching those standards proudly flying, too :)

Capt Bill said...

Reoch Duke Wilhelm is pleased to see the Princess arrived safely in Wittenberg...