Saturday 10 December 2011

40mm: Project restart ...

My 40mm project has taken a back seat while I've been clearing off oddment projects and stuff for other gaming periods (WWII, Dark Ages and Pirates). I have been casting and preparing 40mm figures, such that I have a  two regiments of cavalry and three battalions of infantry in the lead pile (and plan to cast up 3 more infantry battalions).

I've decided to get started on the painting with a battalion for the Wittenberg forces; the bulk of these are Creartec castings with Sash & Sabre heads, plus some Front Rank AWI hessians in the command group.
Hurry up boys, if we're quick we can get in front of those saxons ...


  1. Everytime I see 40mm SYW figures I'm tempted !.

  2. Now that will make a fine looking unit. I'm really looking forward to seeing them painted.

    It's amazing how different in style the Creartec 7YW figures are from their 40mm Napoleonic counterparts.