Wednesday, 21 December 2011

40mm: The Bridge at Hofheim

My 40mm figs be-sport themselves on the table as the Saxe-Jarlsberg border war in the south continues...
More than the usual number of photies in the report to preserve the flow of the game - enjoy !


Scenario: Both Wittenberg and Saxe-Jarlsberg are trying to position themselves as best they can before the winter sets in. A bridge on the border of the Hofland has been identified by both sides being a key objective (a disused ford nearby may also be passable).
The Wittenberg General Waldebeck decides to send Captain Scharfe and a small force to secure and blow the bridge. Wittenberg force:
  • Kings Jagers (2 cys - 24)
  • Uhlans  (1 sqdn - 9)
  • 1 artillery Piece
  • Engineers (2) + packhorse
Count Pottsendorf, the Sae-Jarlsberg commander, has collected a scratch force together and given them orders to take the bridge and occupy Hofheim. To complicate matters an ambassador of the Imperium has demanded escort to Wittenberg via the Hofland. The Count reluctantly agrees and issues orders that the ambassador will accompany the force and be shown all courtesy (it does not pay to upset the Imperium's representatives if you are a small country). Saxe-Jarlsberg force:
  • Jagers (1 cy - 12)
  • Garrison Troops (1cy - 12)
  • Infantry Regiment (2cys - understrength total 15)
  • Squadron of Dragoons (understrength - 6).
Game notes:
Number of moves to set the charges on the bridge  - 2D6 (set additional charge/repair fuse etc 1D6)
Number of moves for arrival of Saxe-Jarslberg units and Imperial Ambassador - 2D6.
Effect off explosion of chrages on bridge - D10  1-3, no effect 4-6 still passable, 7-10 Blown
Ford Passable (only tested when first attempting to cross) - 1D6 1,2,3 not passable, 4,5,6 Passable


Captain Scharfe and his small command pass through the small town of Hofheim and move towards the bridge over the river ...
They secure the bridge and cross to the other side to set up a perimeter, while the engineers prepare the charges (they've had to take powder from the artillery as the bridge is more robust than thought)
Captain Scharfe leads his men to secure the approaches to the bridge, while another detachment heads further downstream to cover a disused ford, the engineers are busy ...
The head of the Saxe-Jarlsberg column arrives and a parley is in progress to secure the  Imperial Ambassador's passage....
The Imperial Ambassador's party make for the bridge. As the size of the 'escort' force which accompanied the ambassador becomes apparent, Captain Scharfe order his men to fall back to the bridge ..
The Imperial Ambassador is across the river an heading for Hofheim ...
The Saxe-Jarlsberg forces make their move,  a fierce volley sends the Jagers back from guarding the disused ford over the river ...
The artillery hearing the sound of the firing, let loose a short cannonade on the Saxe-Jarlsberg troops ...
The Saxe-Jarslberg troops advancing on the bridge take the brunt of the cannonade and turn and run ...
Meanwhile the Saxe-Jarslberg dragoons attempt to cross the ford, the river is high and the current strong and their commander is nearly washed away - the ford cannot be used to cross the river.
'Stand well back' shouts the engineer officer, the jagers guarding the bridge move back ...
Kaboom ! both sides watch as the dust settles ...
The bridge has not gone, it is still just passable ...
The Saxe-Jarlsberg jagers make a rush on the bridge as the Wittenberg jagers cover the engineers who are trying to mend the fuse for one of the charges ...
As Saxe-Jarlsberg jagers move over the bridge, there is a sharp exhange of fire across the river ...
Kaboom ! The engineer has lit the faulty fuse and the explosion kills all the Saxe-Jarlsberg jagers on the bridge.
The bridge is blown and now totally impassable. A victory for Wittenberg; a disapointment for Saxe-Jarlsberg.


  1. But not a disappointment for readers. A delightful distraction as Christmas approaches. Thanks!

    May your Christmas be Merry and may you and your readers enjoy many more games in the year ahead.


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  3. Echoing the previous comments. Thanks for sharing this report and pics! It's always a pleasure to see these.

  4. Bad luck for the chaps on the bridge.

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