Saturday 25 June 2011

Monrovia V Duchy of Zomverre - Vergessen Valley

The Monrovians having secured their river crossing at Dormhausen have been slowly moving into the Duchy of Zomverre, they are now moving in the direction of the capital. General Zeinite is commanding the advance guard of 2 regiments of hussars, 6 regiments of infantry, 1 battalion of jagers and 1 battery of artillery. 

General von Messing commanding the Ducal forces has given the task of fighting a holding action to General Hoffnung; he has given him 1 regiments of dragoons, 3 regiments of infantry, 1 battalion of jagers and 1 battery of artillery. General Hoffnung has chosen his ground to block the Monrovian advance and has positioned his troops in the Vergessen valley.

The Monrovians enter the valley
The Ducal artillery select their target and open fire ...
The Monrovians continue their advance up the valley ...
The Monrovians form up and prepare to attack the Ducal gun battery, the Ducal jagers in the wood to their flank are causing some annoyance ...
As the Monrovian irish 'wild geese' battalion advance to assault the guns the supporting regiment and jagers deal with the Ducal jagers in the woods.
On the other side of the valley the Ducal forces fall back, in the face of the Monrovian advance.
The attack on the Ducal guns stalls, following a hail of grapeshot ....
While the Monrovians reform the Ducal guns are withdrawn and an infantry regiment advances to protect the ford crossing.
The Monrovian advance slows on the other flank ...
The Ducal forces attempt to fall back over the ford ...
They are hard pressed, attacked by infantry and cavalry ...
They break and the hussars pursue ...
It is now dusk and the light is failing. On the their left flank, the Monrovians cannot manouvre into the open area by the bridge due to the threat posed by the Ducal cavalry; on the other side of the river the Ducal forces have fallen back and are leaving the valley.
The Ducal forces withdraw under the cover of darkness, they have managed to effectively delay the Monrovians. The Monrovians camp at the head of the valley; they will re-commence their forward thrust the next day.


  1. An interesting encounter. A beautiful set of pictures. Very nice blog.

  2. A rousing encounter indeed! Thanks for the inspiration...

  3. Excellent report and pics! You can actually fit quite a few figures in decent-sized units on your table.

  4. Splendid game and a joy to behold

  5. Excellent battle report. The old church makes for a fine scenic backdrop.