Friday 17 June 2011

Church 'Lego' Mania

Someone posted a shot of the Pegasus gothic building sets on a blog recently, I was hooked by the look of them and bought one of each of small sets #1and #2.
A manic evening was spent yesterday after they arrived constructing a small church; the sets provide the wall sections, flying buttress etc - but no roofs (25mm figs used for size reference)
after a day at work I came home and used all the bits I could for 'cathedral size'
I must now be a bit more sensible ? :-), and make something which won't fill up the gaming table too much and use the leftover parts to make a small chapel.


  1. Is not a 'sensible wargamer' an oxymoron?

    A great piece -I can see the coaches in front of it for the baptism of the 1st child from that princely couple recently married.
    Hope the cathedral will have a roof, then...

  2. That's a big model. Great looking but big!


  3. I see you went with plans for a cahedral. My building will be used as a church complex or monostary. I look forward to see your plans on roofing.
    I am planning to afix cardboard with shingles printed on. I have updated my blog with my final plan which includes a courtyard.

  4. Also usuable as roofless ruins ;))

  5. I've since done another arrangements of the pieces, a double storey chapel with 3 bays, with the other bits allocated for some kit bashing.

    What if I put that bit there and .....

    The problem with these sets is the desire to use all the pieces in the box !

    -- Allan

  6. I`ve just got to see where you are going to store this.