Saturday, 28 August 2010

Water Carts and Jager Conversions

Finished the water cart for my 40mm collection, which was based on a 'O' guage model railway accessory and a spare plastic horse; thought the 25/28mm lot deserved one too so made one up using a Jacdaw french limber set for parts, barrels from the spares box. 25/28mm water cart on the left  40mm one on the right.

The Wittenland corps of the Wittenberg army will be having a Jager battalion, to start off the muster I've converted some spare 25/28mm figs (Foundry/Jacdaw), using some plastic arms from Perry napoleonic dragoons. The intention is to have the bulk of the battalion from standard castings plus these ...


  1. Nice work!
    I like the idea of using plastic bits from other minis to convert metal figures.
    The water carts are very nice, too. Gives me an idea - I have a spare 2-wheeled cart for a Foundry elephant (they left out the head of the elephant from the original order; when they sent a replacement they just sent the entire set. So now I have 2 of everything except the head.) Maybe I can make some use of the cart at least (can't think of much use for a headless elephant - if it had been 2 heads and one body I could've mounted the head for a trophy room.).

  2. Those "individualised" jagers look very attractive - and I like the water wagons too. Splendid work. :-)



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