Friday, 16 October 2009

Watch Out Smugglers !

A super little skirmish game we played earlier this week, using 28mm figs.

For some time the smugglers on the river Oudear have been getting more and more brazen and confident. One group organised by Count Polesti, makes regular runs of contraband; the Count is becoming a very rich man on the proceeds. The smugglers normal route is to cross the river Oudear and drop off their contraband at the mill wharf near Kleinhaus. From there the goods are loaded onto pack mules and taken to Count Polesti's hunting lodge for distribution.

The authorities have received intelligence on the routes taken by the smugglers. One evening the Wittenberg River marines and a Dragoon detachment are set to patrol the river Oudear and one of it's side channels.


The smugglers boat approaches the mill wharf, Count Polesti's men are waiting ...

The pack mules are loaded up, and as they are about to depart another boat can be seen on the river, thinking it is a small revenue patrol boat, they decide to leave some men at the storehouse to take care of them if they get too close ...

The mule train sets of on their route inland ...

Too late the men at the storehouse find out that the boat is larger than they thought and is carrying two platoons of River Marines, a short fight ensues and some of the smugglers make a run for it ...

The patrolling Dragoon detachment makes a stop at the local inn, and asks the locals if they have seen anything...

The mule train heads along their normal route ....

The River Marines move inland keeping an eye out for more smugglers ....

The mule train reaches the bridge over the river Oudear's side channel, unfortunately for them they find the other River Marine & Dragoon patrols in their way ...

The leader of the mule train decides to force the bridge, a brisk action ensues, they almost make it across however they can't quite get past the River Marines ...

With more River Marines arriving in their rear the smugglers make a run for it. A couple get away, some are shot down and a few are captured along with the pack mules and the bulk of the contraband.

One of the surviving smugglers arrives at the hunting lodge, he gives the Count the small barrel of brandy he is carrying and runs of into the woods.

The River Marines first major operation has been a success, they move the contraband back to their boat and take it to revenue warehouse at Vanderhof. The smugglers will have to be more careful in future. The Count decides to leave for his estates in the Imperium and wait there till the dust settles.


  1. Excellent little scenario! The buildings and scenery is super...

  2. Enjoyable pics and report as usual!
    I don't think I noticed the plastic trees before. Where are those from?

  3. On the Emperor vs Elector page, The Reich Duchy of Beerstein's College of Honors has invested
    King Leopold IV of Wittenberg into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard...

  4. Hello Allan,

    Absolutely your periodic scenarios/adventures and the whole appearance of your set-up. Keep going!

    Best Regards,


  5. Fitz-Badger:
    The bulk of the plastic trees I use are the old Merit trees, they made three sets: Poplars, Firs, and Ash(?); three in a box. These are no longer in production, I've been buying them seconhand at Toy & Train fairs.
    Also Zvezda make a set of fir trees (Zvezda 1/72 Tree Set No 8222) which are Ok, but I've found some parts split after frequent handling.

    -- Allan

  6. A nice little action, sharply carried out. Well done, sir.

    -- Jeff

  7. Fun and beauty (the secret of life?)

  8. A spirited little action and one redolent of the period. I think my love of the tricorn era began way back when I read tales of sneaky smugglers and stalwart dragoons patrolling the wilder shores of England. Well done!

  9. Congratulations Tidders- Excellent display with lots of colour and interest- like all your Blog postings. Very much like your 28mm Wittenburg vs Monrovia accounts and your 25/28mm Viking-Saxon adventures. Regards Kev.