Sunday 20 September 2009

40mm: Supply Train for Vanderhof

A supply train leaves regularly from Ottenheim for Vanderhof. Here we see it on route, it is protected by a company of garrison troops and some jagers.

A closeup look at the pack mules and horses (these are the ones I converted from some toy horses and donkeys -


abdul666 said...

Such a pleasant sight -as always!
An aspect of warfare too often neglected - and a propitious opportunity for some 'ambush' skirmish game?

WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Hello there Allan,

Agreed! A rousing sight indeed. And your converted pack mules look mighty imoressive too.

Best Regards,


CWT said...

an excellent little set of figures! Like many, I suspect, I rather neglect such support elements. They can be a great source of scenarios and ideas, can't they?


Anonymous said...

A wonderful supply train. It would be a real shame if anyone were to attack it.

David Morfitt said...

Yes, a splendid bit of modelling and adapting, as always. :-)



Frankfurter said...

Good job, of course.
But mostly,
I'm jealous of a somebody who has enough space to game with 40mm figures!

old-tidders said...

Wargaming with 40mm figs doesn't require that much more space, the infantry 'footprint' is about the same although cavalry take up more space. Most Scenery is re-useable, but bigger buildings are needed. I tend to use the 40mm for 'skirmish games'.

Brigands abound on the route from Ottenheim to Vanderhof - we shall see if the supply train arrives without incident.

-- Allan

Mad Carew said...

Great conversion work. 40mm figures do look splendid.