Saturday 5 September 2009

Palace Interior (4) - The 'Short' Gallery

My 'generic' interior room is now finished, here it is as the short gallery. Clock, picture frames and carpet are from Dolls House suppliers; furniture is from the pack I recently bought.

The Duke and Duchess or Fenwick are visiting again and have gone to see the newly refurbished 'short' gallery. They admire the two recently acquired paintings by Poussin.

They engage in a conversation with a two of the Queen's ladies in waiting about how nice the short gallery is now ...

they then look up to enjoy the newly finished painting on the ceiling by Tiepolo ...


  1. Excellent stuff, especially the 2nd shot with the conversation with the Queen's ladies in waiting. The garden balustrades look good, too.

  2. Positively marvelous -you are always amazing us by surpassing yourself?

    Who manufactures the Duchess and the two ladies in waiting, btw?

  3. Duchess figure is from the Front Rank Figurines Aristrocrats pack (GP3). The two ladies in waiting are from the Blue Moon Manufacturing Duellist pack (BMM214).

    Next room of the palace is going to be the library - definitely a challenge.

    -- Allan