Monday, 31 August 2009

40mm - Pack Ponies and Mules Conversion

I wanted some pack ponies and mules for my 40mm collection. I've been collecting up suitable sized horses and donkeys from toy sets for a while. So I stuck the horses/donkeys on to bases, added simple harness and loads (loads made using model railway accessories). For someone to lead the ponies/mules I cast some artillery figures from one of my Creartec moulds. Here they are ready for priming and painting.

They have been added to the painting queue. That old painting queue seems to be getting bigger again - currently in progress are 25/28mm figs - a regiment of cavalry and some smugglers/highwaymen.


  1. Allan,

    They look great! Wish I had your ingenuity. Can't wait to see everything painted.

    Best Regards,