Saturday, 4 July 2009

A little light music ?

I felt the palace should have some court musicians. I ordered the Willie servants pack, this includes 3 musicians and 4 servants. I converted one of the servants into a musician. To increase the size of the ensemble I decided on a harpsichord - scratcbuilt from cardboard and plasticard; the man at the keyboard is an Old Glory fig.

Next job is to paint them all up.

But first I have to finish a job that was supposed to have been done at Easter - clean my modelling desk - its getting too cruddy even for me - a late spring clean is in the offing.


  1. The Grand Tour simply must have a concert!

  2. Eine kleine leit musik?
    Excellent work on the conversions and scratchbuilt harpsichord! Can hardly wit to see these painted up. An excellent addition to the court of Wittenberg!

  3. I dare say that if His Majesty the King of Wittenberg were to be declared Potentate of Mars that his court could find the appropriate symbols of office in their haversacks!

  4. What delightful figures and so very much of the period!