Saturday, 9 May 2009

A Coach Fit for a King

Lucky find at my local 'car-boot' sale today - a plastic model of the coach used in the Queens silver jubilee celebrations in 1977. Cost £16 - a bit more than I would usually spend on a second-hand model but heck its nice to treat yourself sometimes. It's actually quite a reasonable model; history of the coach see (,

The coach is good and the right sort of size, however the horses are a little small. A closeup of the coach, with one of my Garde Suisse figs in to show how close a match for size it is for 25/28mm figs.

The accompanying figs look good enough to convert with tricorns. Well all I have to do know is figure out how to get it off its base ! Then work can commence (hopefully not too much), to make it into the King of Wittenbergs coach.


  1. It is a good-looking coach indeed.

    -- Jeff

  2. Really nice. I had a chance to buy one of those many years ago at a "flea market" here in the states and to my now distinct distress I passed on the purchase... :(

  3. Now that's a fancy coach! You'll be the envy of royalty allover Urope.

  4. Actually, I'd go ahead and leave it as is ...
    first, of course, this preserves its long term value for "collectors;"
    Second, the figures are of troops which were antique even in our 18th century games, and thus excellent for a ceremonial guard / escort anyway;
    Third; if you ever actually use the thing in a game, it'd force everybody to conform to it simply by its panache, right?