Saturday 31 January 2009

Wittenberg - A Visit to the Menagerie

Relaxing from the affairs of state the King meets the latest addition to his menagerie - an indian elephant; the old barn has been pressed into service as an elephant house ..

Meanwhile the rest of the royal family, with the visiting Duke of Fenwick and his wife, go to see Humphrey the dromedary and Harriet the hippo.

The whereabouts of Larry the lama is still a mystery, let loose as a prank in the palace it got out into the grounds; although seen a couple of times it has so far eluded re-capture.
[I've gone completely bonkers, I'm playing zoos - isn't this imagi-nations stuff fun !]


  1. A lovely attraction and unsual subject -refreshing against all those sabre rattlings!

  2. Yes, indeed - I do like these peaceful vignettes! :-)


  3. I love this! It was so completely unexpected and seems so incongruous that I laughed out loud. Well done! Might Larry the Llama make a surprise appearance in a future post?

    Best Regards,


  4. Hear, hear!

    You're not the only one either. The Soweiter League has a national zoological garden (and I have more Foundry animals to add to it one of these days). A while back I read a book about a Dutch sea captain who acquired a rhinoceros, named Clara, which he toured throughout Europe in the 18th century. The book was called "Travels with Clara", and it's a true story. Gives some interesting insights into the period, too (like how do you transport, feed, house, etc. an adult rhino in 18th century Europe).