Sunday 25 January 2009

18C Civilians

A quick note on where I've sourced my 25/28mm 18C civilians, these are from a number of ranges -

1. Front Rank, packs GP1,GP2,GP3 & GP4.
2. Old Glory, Pirate range - Fat Governor and Creepy Assistants: OGP-20
3. Willie - Gentlemen N31, Lady - N32 (via Spencer Smith Miniatures)
4. A few oddment figures from Black Cat pirate range.
5. plus some converted officer figs.
6. My monks I got Gripping Beast dark age range.

Other possibles are:
- Foundry is also worth a look, I've been tempted but restrained myself so far.
- The Perry AWI range has some that may also be useful (?AW73).
- Tradition Scandinavia 30mm Willie series, you can see these on the Traditon of London website (, follow link to 'Other Brand 30, 54, 90'.


  1. Thank you for posting these, sir. I don't have any civilians and I would like some . . . but I wish more were American manufacturers, what with shipping and all.

    -- Jeff

  2. I have a umber of the Foundry civilians (that's my range of choice). I've been looking at some other ranges and may buy some figures one of these days to see how they measure up. Always good to add a bit of variety. (on the one hand I have such a backlog of minis to paint already on hand; on the other hand it's always good to have plenty around for a rainy day! ... lol)

  3. thanks for the info...Ill be checking those out as well. I just ordered some "Blue Moon Manufacturing"...available through Merrimac Old Glory Shipyard...I think they are here in the U.S. I'll try to post some pics on "Lead Gardens" as soon as they arrive. They pics of them on the Blue Moon site look about like Crusaders in bulk and height.

  4. I'd forgotten about the Blue Moon range - just had a quick look, they look really nice - so I've just added them to my list of figs to get

    -- Allan