Thursday, 15 January 2009

40mm: Stand and Deliver ....

The new garrison commander of Heidelheim, General von Stoltz travelling with his daughter, is stopped by the infamous highwayman Black Jack Davy and his 'associates' ...

General: You'll hang for this Black Jack ..

Black Jack: that's as maybe but you'll have to catch me first. Now then lets see what you've got ... Are you General Stoltz ? Were you wounded at Hummelsdorf ?

General: Yes - Whats that to you ?

Black Jack: I remember that battle; horrible it was - the musket fire from those Monrovians was like hellfire.

General: You were there then ?

Black Jack: Aye I was; I was an officer in the 10th infantry regiment - it was you who pulled me back to the rear was I was injured, looks like you got shot up bad after that.

General: I remember pulling back a badly wounded young officer. You survived then, you seem to have fallen on hard times?

Black Jack: Not so bad, I make a good living. Alright men leave them be; we'll just take 10 thalers as a toll ..

[figs: General and Black Jack Davy- from Sash and Sabre pirate range; rest of brigands Front Rank AWI; Lady Eureka Musketeer range. Coach - Brumm model with coachman made from old Britains figure.]


  1. A lovely vignette and a pleasant anecdote, full of character.

  2. Yes, a very nice little scene . . . and a nice story to go with it.

    -- Jeff

  3. Yes, excellent vignette, in miniatures and words!

  4. Beautiful pic...and a very nice Brumm coach...a pretty rare model I think...I searched up a similar one on ebay just a while ago (the only one...) but unfortunately the seller wanted a huge amount for it.


  5. The Brumm coach was lucky find at my local Toy&Train fair. A stall had a collection of them for sale and I got the one shown for only £12.

    The backdrop is 'Country Landscape', details in previous post -