Saturday 20 December 2008

Wittenberg - Mysterious Documents (2)

King Leopold IV and Count Hermann of Munster are taking a stroll in the palace gardens and discussing a few things including the documents recently found ...

King: Where is the best place to station them ?
Count: I think we should station the river marines and their gun boats at a number of places along the river Oudear, Gugenstadt would be a prime candidate; I'll identify some more places and we'll finalise the details later.
King: Any progress with those documents we looked at last week ?
Count: Brother James has confirmed the symbol on the first page is that of a Pheonix arising from the fire and identified it as being used by the Sect of the Phoenix; Brother Anselm is assisting him looking through the abbey library for more information about this group.
King: Have we decoded the text yet ?
Count: Cantor and his friends from the Royal Society have made an initial analysis of them - from the structure of the documents the first page is a some sort of introductory notice and each subsequent page a seperate item. The problem is to find the language they were written in before being passed thorugh the cipher; they are still working on this.
King: Count tell me more about the incident with the Lama which is causing much talk here at the court.
Count: Well, hmmm that is still under investigation. It would seem that ....

[backdrop: Gardens at Audley End , Suffolk]