Saturday, 6 December 2008

Wittenberg - The Militia have Mustered

His Majesty's Loyal Belgravian Legion has mustered and is now in the process of firing a few practice rounds.

A closeup of the firing line ...

doesn't look like effective volley fire is in progress - they'll need more practice !

[25/28mm figs: bulk of unit is Front Rank from their SYW and AWI ranges; battalion gun crew plus a few militiamen are from Redoubt FIW range]


  1. A very fine and likely mix.
    Are the ones uniformed in blue coats wearing the 'official' uniform of the militia, or are they 'professionals' from a regular unit providing a 'cadre'?
    Do I see a clergyman on the extreme right?

    They'll need more practice, but look eager to improve!

  2. Quantity has a quality all its own.

  3. Send them back to the butts - more practice and less games of chance/drinking etc!
    An excellent unit Sir!

  4. The ones uniformed in blue coats are wearing the 'official' uniform of the militia. In peacetime there is 1 company and a cadre of officers, at times of war the ranks are swelled by the reservists who bring their own kit and muskets.

    --- Allan

  5. Does anybody dare to inspect the private kit of militia?