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1740 - The 2nd Battle of Verlendt (3rd Belgravian Wars) ...

further extracts from the History of Wittenberg by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf ...


The Monvrovians ...

On his return from Schnotwitz, Count Pottensdorf met with the Monrovian commander General Stricknein at Ottenheim. The potential arrival of extra troops to re-inforce the Wittenberg forces under General Waldebeck was of great concern to General Stricknein. After heated debate they agreed the following plan.

1. Count Pottensdorf would defend the fieldworks at the Wortvod Gap, with the Saxe-Jarlsberg
Regiment, Hesse-Limburger Regiment and Munkasse Fusiliers.
2. General Stricknein would take all of the Monrovian troops and his newly arrived re-inforcements (which included some heavy cavalry) and move to take Hausdorff (via Verlendt and Schnotwitz).


The Wittenbergers ....

The landslip that had blocked the road through the hills to Hausdorf from the north was now
clear, thanks to the strenuous efforts of the engineers and a whole battalion of infantry. The
advance guard of the Boldovian corps had moved through and was being followed by the rest of the army corps with the King and his guards. The advance guard reached Hausdorf and the Wittenland Fusiliers moved onto Schnotwitz to re-inforce General Waldebeck.

General Waldebeck received orders to advance from Schnotwitz and take Verlendt to secure the
route forward for the army.

Battle Report

Verlendt, it's inhabitants unaware of the troops converging on their small town ..

The advance guard of the Monrovian army approaches from the east of the town, avoiding the obvious route along the road ..

The Wittenberg troops arrive and take different routes to the town; the militia to the north, jagers through the woods and the fusiliers round the woods towards the road into the town.

Both sides arrive at Velendt, the militia hold the north of the town, with jagers from each side moving forward....

The militia repell an impetuous charge from the Monrovians infantry with a thunderous volley ...

While the militia hold the north of the town the jagers from both sides start to occupy the town, to the south the opposing infantry regiments form line to give fire ....

A long and portacted melee starts in the town as the Wittenberg jagers try to force Monrovian jagers from the town ...

To the north of the town the Monrovians have rallied and advanced to exchange vollies with militia....

The disclipined fire of the regular Monrovian infantry is too much for the militia who turn tail and run .....

The militia rally and try and hold back the Monrovian advance. Meanwhile in the town the Wittenberg jagers have fallen back to re-group and lick their wounds after losing the battle for the houses - they have one company left in the town....

General Waldebeck receives a report from a Uhlan scout that the main body of the Monrovian army is about 2 hours march away down the road to Verlendt. The general knowing that he cannot hold against such odds orders a withdrawal back to Schnotwitz. The Wittenland forces start their withdrawal leaving the Monrovians in control of the town ...


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