Saturday 6 September 2008

40mm New Additions - Jagers and Artillery

More 40mm figs for my skirmish games. First up - Saxe-Jarlsberg jager company [figs made from Prince August moulds ]

I'm trying to keep all the infantry for Saxe-Jarlsberg as Prince August castings.

Next the Wittenberg jager company [figs made from N├╝rnberger Meisterzinn moulds with command figs from Sash&Sabre FIW range]

Finally some new Wittenberg artillery crew [figs made from Creartec moulds and gun from Irregular Miniatures]
I'm working towards the next 'skirmish' scenario in the 3rd Belgravian wars. I have a few things to finish off including a full regiment of infantry 50figs strong, one company of 12figs left to paint.

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WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Hi Allan,

An impressive turnout! I wasn't aware there were so many different companies producing molds for this size of figure and period. Note to self: Must resist. Must resist. Must resist.

Best Regards,