Friday, 29 August 2008

Monrovia - King Francis finds out about the hat

Scene: King Francis of Monrovia (green coat with read cuffs) and the Queen relax with some of the court by a small rustic cottage in the gardens of the palace. The chancellor is giving a quick update to the king ...

Chancellor: The Army of the East is mobilised apart from one regiment. The Army of the North has started their muster and some units are ready.

King: Excellent

Chancellor: We have confirmed that the Duke of Fenwick has married the sister of the King of Wittenberg.

Queen: Was it a nice wedding ?

Chancellor: Apparently so your majesty. Strange news from Wittenberg, King Leopold has taken to wearing a rather large hat - he apparently even wears it in bed. Also he seems obsessed with hats.

King: Ha ! I knew he'd go dotty eventually. Hats - useless. Personally I prefer a nice suit of armour. Has the medieval joust been arranged yet ?

Chancellor: No, not yet but preparations are under way. That's all for today your majesty I'll leave you to enjoy the pleasures of your gardens.

King: I'm looking forward to trying on that old suit of armour in the library.

Queen: Your not wearing it in our private apartments, I'm not having you clanking round the palace.

King: Yes dearest....

[figures form the Old Glory figs pack OGP-20, Fat Governor and Creepy Assistants]


  1. Thank you for that pack number. I find it hard to find many affordable "civilian" poses for the 18th century.

    Yes, I know that there are some from the pricey British manufacturers, but I'm in the far western hinterlands of Canada . . . and those aren't economically affordable for me.

    Old Glory, on the other hand, is a definite possibility.

    -- Jeff

  2. Is there something in the water? Now the King of Monrovia is starting to become obssessed with some old suit of armor? LOL

  3. I'd wager my last Thaler that Vile Stagonian agents are involved somehow!


  4. Reich Duke Wilhelm really admires the servant with the tray. As a proud Beersteiner, he certainly deserves to have a pitch at hand for every occasion. Where can we obtain such a fine fellow.
    Best Regards...Wilhelm

  5. The servant with the tray and is one of the figs in the old glory OGP-20 pack - see

    -- Allan

  6. Hmm... OGP-20. Thanks for that. I've seen the set on several sites and I've wanted them for my own Hetzenberg collection.

  7. Thanks for the feedback. Most of my figures are in fact Old Glory, but I never saw OGP 20 before. The Reich Duke von Beerstein will soon have his beer server...Bill