Friday, 8 August 2008

Schloss GrossBarStein

In the south of Upper Belgravia, two regiments of Wittenberg troops are settling in to their new quarters having been moved up to forward positions from the Boldavian province.

One infantry regiment is off for a route march to toughen up the new recruits

while the other regiment is being inspected by visiting officers ...

The castle is one I made for my 40mm ECW wargames (Pokesay Castle - fortified manor house), the 28mm figs don't look too small with it so it's been re-used but with an extra addition to the top of the castle keep. The whole things is made from cardboard, foam board and printed papers on an MDF base. All the buildings and wall sections are removable.


  1. Excellent castle! You do some very nice work with foamcore and printed paper stonework. I would never have guessed it was made for 40mm minis. The 28s seem to fit in very well.

  2. Once again you've created something that looks wonderful. I've said it before, but I'll say it again . . . I really appreciate the care you take to present such attractive table tops.

    Thank you!

    -- Jeff

  3. Wow!! Very nicely done vignettes. Like Fitz-Badger, I would not have guessed that the castle was built for 40mm figures.


  4. I'll echo the above comments. Another impressive vignette -- lovely!

    Best Regards,


  5. I agree, very nicely presented and lovely modelling work.