Sunday, 27 April 2008

Wittenberg - Chevalier Garde

The King reviews the newly expanded Chevalier Garde, of the Garde du Corps.

[figs: Elite Miniatures french cavlary; officer and standard beraer converted Front Rank]


  1. Hey, isn't that a new backdrop? I'm not sure that I like it as much as your usual one.

    The unit looks good though.

    -- Jeff

  2. Well spotted Jeff, it is a new backdrop. I had to make a new unit 'photo shoot', but the scenic backdrop I had available was a piece left over from another project - it's a bit darker and doesn't show the units up so well... I'll have to get a better one.


  3. Fab figures - a unit to be reckoned with!

  4. Let me add my compliments for completing a very nice looking unit of cavalry.

    Where did you get the backdrop?

  5. The backdrop I used is an model railway one. I used part of the Lowenstein backscene made by Faller coe FA180515 (full size is 45cm high by 2.9m)

    Faller also do some nice ones with mountains on too.

    Allan :)