Saturday, 12 April 2008

Fenwick - The Duke gets married (or the 'package' is revealed)

Maurice, Duke of Fenwick married Princess Alice the youngest sister of King Leopold IV of Wittenberg in a secret wedding cermony held in the Ducal palace. Maurice, met Princess Alice at a ball at the court of Wittenberg while visiting - some say it was love at first sight. The marriage seals a treaty of alliance and co-operation between the Duchy of Fenwick and the Kingdom of Wittenberg.

The marriage was announced the next evening at a sumptuous costume ball, to which all the visiting ambassadors were invited. The announcement caused great excitement and celebration at the ducal court, some ambassadors were seen discussing the impact this would have on the balance of power in the region.

Apparently there was great secrecy about the wedding and the alliance. Princess Alice had travelled incognito to Fenwick in a black coach; there had been much interest in this and the contents of a large chest secured to the coach roof - the chest contained a specially commisioned Meissen tea service which was a wedding present from the King of Wittenberg.


  1. Sadly the tea service photo doesn't expand when clicked.

    -- Jeff

  2. Monte-Cristo offers its most sincere compliments and wishes of happiness.
    Thus the package was less significan than the person carring it: a good lesson.

  3. Perhaps His Majesty would like to exchange the porcelain service for a regiment of dragoons?

  4. Jeff

    the tea service photo should now expand when clicked.

    -- Allan :)