Sunday, 20 April 2008

40mm - More troops for skirmish games

For the last month I've been re-organising my 40mm figs. I felt that the Prince August castings I had on diorama bases should be used, so they all got touched up rebased and re-incarnated as Saxe-Jarlsberg & Hesse-Limburger troops:

There is one artillery piece and crew (Irregular Miniatures-IM); 1 Company of Hesse-Limberger infantry and two companies of Saxe-Jarslberg infantry (Prince August) [at 15 figs a company a battalion would be 60 figs]

For Wittenberg I rebased the Garrison troops (IM), and gave them sone artillery(IM). The brigands (Front Rank + some IM) have been combined to make a militia company.

Scenarios for the use of these figs is border skirmishes and small actions in the south of Upper-Belgravia (the disputed province) where it borders Saxe-Jarlsberg.


  1. These dkirmishes sound interesting. Please keep us informed.

    -- Jeff

  2. So much the more as you write and illustrate so well your After Action Reports!


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