Saturday, 19 January 2008

Wittenberg - the 'package' is ready for delivery

King Leopold IV (left) in discussion with Count Hermann of Munster (centre) and the Chancellor (right). Count Hermann of Munster has arrived back from diplomatic visit.

King: Did things go well ?
Munster: Yes your majesty.
King: Chancellor, did Munster brief you about his visit ?
Chancellor: Yes, thankyou for including me in the latest developments and letting me know what's going on.
Munster: The negotiations are complete, the recipient awaits delivery of his 'package'.
King: Then we must ensure the 'package' arrives safely.
Chancellor: I will make the arrangements.
King: Munster you will travel with the package. Chancellor - ensure there is a full escort.
Chancellor, Munster: Yes your majesty.

[figs in picture: King -Suren; Munster - from Black Cat pirate range;Chancellor - converted Irregular Miniature SYW prussian NCO]


  1. Which specific figure is the Suren to make the King? Do you still have that info?

  2. Good Morning Allan,

    Very attractive additions to your collection. I especially like the Chancellor's light blue and gold uniform. Your howitzer and crew are also severely tempting -- I think Stollen might need a howizter or two as well! Very nice painting.

    Best Regards,


  3. I think the king is from the Willie 18C 30mm range
    - N31 Gentlemen.
    I orderered it from

    -- Allan

  4. But *who* will receive 'the package'?