Saturday 19 January 2008

Monrovian Artillery Update

Those dodgy Monrovians have got their howitzer into service first (don't worry the Wittenberg one is on it's way).

[Figs : Hinchcliffe 5.5" howitzer and SYW prussian crew + Irregular Miniatures Marburian limber]


  1. Looking good!
    I have just finished up my first artillery crew (for the Soweiter League), with one for Batrachia in progress. A question for you SYW guys - and apologies for butchering terminology - but they all have some thing on the strap that goes diagonally over one shoulder. Is this some kind of tool for artillerymen? I've been painting whatever it is solid silver or iron color. Does that make sense?

  2. That's a pair of metal wires in a holder in white leather (like the belt) held onto the belt by brass chains, fitz-badger. The wire is used to poke a hole in the powder charge bag through the cannon's touch-hole so the lit fuse will burn directly into the gunpowder.

    And good luck when you get onto painting the Monrovians, Tidders. I look forward to seeing enough of them painted that you can start playing some battles.

  3. Here are links to two pictures that show the tools in some detail.
    SYW Prussian

    1806 Prussian