Thursday, 9 August 2007

The Army of the Duchy of Fenwick

The Duchy of Fenwick lies to the north of Wittenberg, it also shares a border with Monrovia. Fenwick has recently established closer ties with Wittenberg, due to the close friendship between Prince Maurice and King Leopold IV.

Fenwick is an arms manufacturer, specialising in casting cannons and mortars. Some of the army is usually on hire as mercenaries to other states. In some cases units are despatched to the aid of smaller nations (at no charge) if the Duke considers it to be in his interests to provide protection.
The infantry carry the following flags into battle.

In the centre is the 'mouse' rampant, above it the ducal crown. The colours of the Regimenterfahne vary with the units facings. The cavalry have similar guidons. The uniforms of the Duchy of Fenwick, use the following broad scheme (although The Duke is considering some changes): Infantry and Cavalry Coats - Red, with varying facings; Breeches & Waistcoats - White. The Artillery have blue coats with red facings.


  1. Very attractive standards! I especially like the "mouse rampant". Who needs eagles, lions, or griffins?

    Best Regards,

    Stokes Schwartz

  2. I love the mouse rampant...very nicely done, and quite amusing, yet somehow very believable.

  3. We in Tippelbruder look forward to seeing splendid Fenwick flags flying bravely over your troops as they help rout those vile Stagonians - should they dare come near the town!


  4. Fear the mouse!

    Is there a tie to the Wittelsbachs shown in the liebfahne?

  5. I agree . . . wonderful flags . . . and the "mouse rampant" device is delightful.

    Very good work!

    -- Jeff

  6. The flags do look good, is the mouse roaring? Surely the Duchy could have a 'Grand' in its title, even if not in the usual place! ;-)
    Great idea indeed.

    Well Done


  7. Notes:
    1. The Duke of Fenwick is related ion his mother side to Wittelsbachs, hence the design of the Leibfahne.

    2. I got the idea for the name Duchy of Fenwick and the mouse design from the film 'The Mouse that Roared' which features a country call the Grand Duchy of Fenwick.

  8. And an enjoyable movie it is.

  9. A great use of a great inspiration - compliments! To design a credible 'Mouse rampant' was a challenge.

  10. Don't forget the books (out of print unfortunately) by Leonard Wibberley. And the Mouse on the Moon movie.

    Cool flags :-)