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1740 - The Battle of Zorfburg (3rd Belgravian Wars)

The following scenario of a raid interception action was used as a play test of the "Weight of Fire" rules. This time we tried out a predominately cavalry scenario, with the inclusion of some artillery, to see how Cavalry Melee went.

Further extracts from the History of Wittenberg by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf ...

1) Arrival At Zorfburg

King Leopold III of Wittenberg arrived at Zorfburg late in the evening. He had ridden there quickly and had not been able to gather any other troops on the way to assist him. At Zorfburg there was a company of Jagers and some artillery which had been sent to re-inforce the garrison. The King and his troops bedded down for the night. In the morning he arrayed what troops he had ready for action. The Wittenberg force:

Commander - King Leopold III
Garde Du Corp - Household Cavalry (Elite Unit)
Company of Jagers
2 Artillery Field Guns
Company of Garrison Troops (stayed in Zorfburg)
Dragoon Regiment - Prinz Leopold - on their way to Zorfburg (~ at least two hours away)
Dragoon Regiment - Schwarze Dragoner - in pursuit of the Monrovians (~ at least half a day behind them)

2) The Monrovians

The Monrovians had continued to elude their pursuers. After a nights rest, they were up bright and early and continued their march home. The Monrovian force:

Commander - General von Stricknein
Dragoon Regiment - Leib Dragoner
Dragoon Regiment Nr 2

3) Battle is Joined at Zorfburg

The Wittenberg scouts spot the Monrovians and ride back to warn the King ...

The Monrovians start to manouvre ...

King Leopold moves his force forward to block the Monrovians ...

A ferocious cavalry melee ensues ...

The Wittenberg artillery fire on the Leib Dragoner disorganises them. The Monrovian dragoons rout and then try to rally, and the Garde Du corp reform to face the other dragoon regiment ...

The Leib Dragoner regiment charges home, the Gard Du Corp puts up a fight but they are exhausted, they break and rout ...

The Monrovians reform and try and complete their 'getaway'. At this moment the Wittenberg Prinz Leopold Dragoons arrive - they attack the rear Monrovian dragoon regiment...

The Prinz Leopold Dragoons have cut the rear Monrovian dragoon regiment down to a man. The Wittenberg forces are disordered, tired and unable to pursue....

4) Afterwards

The Monrovians had got through, they kept the booty from the raid but lost half the Leib Dragoner regiment and Dragoon Regiment Nr 2 was wiped out.

About an hour later the Wittenberg Schwarze Dragoner arrive on the scene, the King ordered them to continue the pursuit. The remnants of the Garde Du Corp arrived back, with their colours intact - with some wounded all that was left was barely 1 company (50 men left, of about 250 that started the battle). The Prinz Leopold Dragoons had a few wounded but no signficiant losses.

The battlefield was cleared of the dead, the wounded being taken to Zorfburg. About 250 horses from the Monrovian dragoons were rounded up and the Monrovian dead stripped of useable equipment (carbines, swords etc). About 100 horses were dead or badly wounded, the wounded ones were shot and the inhabitants of Zorfburg feasted on horsemeat for the next few days ...

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  1. I particularly appreciate the care you take with your terrain.

    The buildings, trees and backdrops all contribute to a very attractive photo story.

    The colorful uniforms and standards are also very nice. All-in-all, a very nice write-up.

    What do you think of the rules you used?

    -- Jeff