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1740 - The Monrovian Raid on Schwenk (3rd Belgravian Wars) ...

[this is a preamble to a scenario for a second rules play test; more to follow ..]

Further extracts from the History of Wittenberg by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf ...

The Monrovian Raid on Schwenk- 1740

After the abortive campaign which culminated in the 'drawn' Battle at Hummelsdorf and the successful rearguard action at Boltsdorf King Leopold III of Wittenberg dispersed the main body of his army on the border of the provinces of Upper Belgravia and Boldovia. He placed a corp of observation to monitor the border with Monrovia.

Meanwhile the Monrovians deciding that in order to keep the Wittenberg army off balance, while they reinforced and re-equipped their cavalry, that they would have to make some sort of raid on a key target. Having learnt from their spies that the magazine at Schwenk was lightly defended they dispatched a force of two regiments of dragoons to attack it and destroy as many supplies as possible.

The Monrovian dragoons crossed the border at night and managed to slip past the Wittenberg corp of observation; travelling by the 'back roads' they managed to reach Schwenk un-detected. They quickly brushed aside a company of garrison infantry and set about destroying the magazine.

After finishing their destructive activities the Monrovians moved off quickly, taking some booty with them. A small patrol of Uhlans saw them leave and notified the commander of the nearby 'Schwarze Dragoner' regiment, who rowsed his troopers and set off in pursuit; however he missed them and found their trail about half a day later. The Monrovians moved as fast as they could manage - their commander decided to take the quickest route back, down the Zorf valley close by the town of Zorfburg, accepting the risk that he might be intercepted; but gambling on his mobility and the chances of the Wittenberg army not being able to concentrate their forces quickly enough.

King Leopold III flew into a furious rage when he received news of the raid; blaming the commander of the corp of observation for letting the Monrovians through without noticing them. In order to re-gain some measure of control of the situation and heal his wounded pride he decided to intercept the Monrovian raiding troops.

The King took his Guard du Corps and what troops he had immediately available and ordered a Dragoon Regiment to meet him at Zorfburg where he intended to catch the Monrovians. The King arrived with his troops at Zorfburg and setup camp. The Dragoon Regiment he had ordered to join him had not arrived - a courier arrived to tell the king it was at least a couple of hours march away.

The king formed up what troops he had to block the route down the Zorf valley and waited for the Monrovians ...

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