Wednesday 8 February 2023

Replacing my old coach...

I've been looking at coaches for 28mm games, all I have is this converted western stagecoach. 

I decided I need to replace it; I have ordered the Westphalia Forder 18C coach from Crantarra Miniatures.

Recently an old model kit was kindly sent to me...

it is nominally 1/48 scale; the horses are more useful to go with my 40mm figures, the coach body is better with 28mm figures and the driver plus passengers are about 35mm+ foot to top of head.

Last time I got one of these kits given to me it was incomplete, I used the wheels and horses to make a wagon. So I sorted the pieces out to use for the wagon

I tried out the kit coach body with a spare set of wheels, a much better match to the 28mm figures than my existing coach.
So the wheels were fixed on and a roof added, with a trunk stored on the back its starts to look the part
drivers seat, steps and shaft added... ready to paint...
I could do with a new driver and some nice draught horses to go with.  Next job is make up the 40mm cart.

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  1. An interesting project because the parts from the kits are going into two projects. I look forward to seeing the completed/painted coach.