Monday, 13 December 2021

The Fenwick army makes camp ...

 After the rearguard action by Monrovia at Standenplatz , their army had crossed back into Monrovian territory.  The Fenwick army fatigued from their exertions, camped on their side of the river Oudear while the Duke considered whether to cross the river and make a strike into Monrovian territory. One of the Fenwick camps...

[I recently threw away all my old paper hand-made tents and replaced them with Renedra ones, so a chance to get the new look camp items out on the table with some vignette bits.]


  1. "Shoddy tent pitching front row second from the right, Company Sarn't Major. Put those men on a charge."

  2. Great camp scene. I do like the tents. Which tent is Eric’s?

  3. A wonderful display of camping, I hope its not to tense down on the river Oudear.


  4. Some lovely vignettes of camp life.